M3 is an All-in-One Organic Soilless Growing Medium fortified with Seabird
Guanos, Rock Phosphates, and other Naturally Derived Ingredients

What’s in the M3 Mix?
Using Papa’s formula, our ingredients are searched the world over for quality and consistency. Bringing together fair trade ingredients from North and South America. Our nutrients are fossilized for extended release to make sure all you have to do is add water – and the nutrients will feed your plants as needed! Fortified with fossilized seabird guano, rock phosphates, and much more – growing organically has never been easier!
Starter Growing Instructions
1. Before adding any seeds or cuttings to the M3 check the Ph of your water. Your Ph should be right around 6.5 for ideal growing conditions of most plants. Adjust if necessary.


2. Water lightly when they are small
M3 holds water for longer than most soils or mediums you may be used to.


3. We ask that you please do not add other nutrients as the M3 does have enough from start to finish


4. If you do have a strain of plant that is a heavy feeder top feed with more M3.

Plants & Vegetables

Planting Fruits & Vegetables has never been easier. Our M3 Michigan Made Mix does almost all of the work for you. Just Plant, Water & Watch Grow!

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.